Three other markets – Washington D.C., New York City and New Jersey – are in the North East, where job growth is recovering briskly, constraints on development are tight and housing costs are very high. The remaining two markets, Phoenix and Atlanta, offer very strong growth prospects over the next five years, which should help to offset their relatively greater supply of land and looser development restrictions.Read More

Average house prices in many Western European countries are at very high levels in relation to average household income and there is now widespread concern about the possibility of a repeat of the crash of the late1980s/early 1990s.Read More

These buildings however provide more high tech type accommodation rather than pure office, and being outside of the traditional Crow’s Nest/St Leonards office market would be greater competition for the North Ryder market. The North Shore market is unlikely to experience similar take up levels over the next five years in comparison to historical results, with vacancy rates to remain the highest across all Sydney office markets, following a high negative period due to the Optus vacation.Read more

Wholesale funds continue to dominate the investment landscape over this period representing 52.39% of all turnovers, "Private Investors also rate highly at 19.52% as high net worth individuals seek alternate investment vehicles from superannuation, stock market and residential property.”Read more

Suburbs located in the inner ring of Melbourne (within 0 to 4 kilometers of CBD) are experiencing the lowest vacancy of only 0.60% in March while vacancies for rental properties within 4 to 10 kilometers of the CBD are currently 0.90%. The middle ring of suburbs located within a 10 to 20 kilometer radius of the CBD has recorded the largest decline over the last 12 months to 0.80% from 1.40%. If you are about to buy or sell a house then hire a conveyancer to perform conveyancing process.Read More

Vendors continued inflated expectations are one of the driving forces behind the low sales volumes for owner occupied properties as most recent sales evidence indicates that values are overall remaining steady for housing. Supply of new stock appears to well exceed current demand and has been evident across all areas on the coast and particularly for units’ price over $500,000.Read More

The State Government should be concentrating on getting their own house in order and examine ways of delivering more efficient services. What we have is a State Government more intent on political rhetoric rather than the long term future of our State. There has been little change in the Newcastle CBD Office vacancy rate over the last twelve months. The latest report released by the Property Council of Australia revealed the 1997 vacancy to be 14.9%, a rise of 1.3% over the 1996 figure.Read More